About Denisa

Hi, my name is Denisa and I am an artist, photographer, filmmaker and wanderer with an adventurous soul; born in Czech Republic, raised in the small village of Šilheřovice, now based in Samoa, and currently on my twenty-seventh lap around the sun.
   I feel like photography has been with me my whole life. It has been my passion ever since I touched my first analog camera and I remember the smell of the dark room and the bright light hitting my eyes, every time I got out, after hours of working and creating under the red light.
   I have developed a love for documentary photography as I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by people around me, their lives and their unique stories. Whether I am living in a village and working on plantation in the South Pacific, sleeping and travelling on a train in India, volunteering on organic farms in Oceania, baking a bread underground in Iceland, or just living in my home village, there is always something that inspires me to tell a story, to create, to press a trigger.



2015 - 2018  Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Creative photography (BcA.) 


2011 - 2015  High school of Art Ostrava, Czech Republic

Applied Photography and Media


solo exhibition

2021 Fa'asinomaga - Life among Samoans, Tiapapata Art Gallery, Samoa, South Pacific Islands

2016 Franz, Gallery Čekárna, Czech republic


group exhibitions

 2020 New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year, Maritime Museum, Auckland, New Zealand

2018 Rooms, Prague, Czech Republic

2017 OstravaPhoto, Through different eyes: between security and insecurity, Czech Republic

2016 Rooms, Prague, Czech Republic



2021 DFA - Documentary Family Awards Judges Choice

2021 DFA - Documentary Family Awards Nothing Is Better Than Real Life Finalist

2021 Global Photo Awards Included in 2021 Catalogue

2020 New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the year finalist